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Advanced Coach Training Feedback

“One of the most powerful learning experiences I have had.”

“Stimulating, absorbing….new perspectives put together in new ways. I got what I expected and wanted.”

“Enriching..,,A really great experience. Thank you.”

“I believe in your model, Simon, it fits with everything we need to do.”

“Timely, powerful, nourishing, exhausting.”

“Affirming, enlightening, freeing and empowering.

"Content very clear, well-structured and very well-explained."

"Massive thank you. I’ve learnt a huge amount and am thinking differently”

“Excellent. Met expectations fully”

“Profound, stretching, intriguing. Deep work. Too important to miss”

“Very challenging but affirming at the same time. Huge shifts for me, personally and professionally”

“I do love the model and am excited by the community”

The Advanced Coach Training is our flagship coach-training program which certifies experienced coaches to be proficient in  using the Analytic-Network Coaching System™.


Once trained coaches become Registered Analytic-Network Coaches and join our international coaching network.



























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Upcoming trainings


London, UK, 2-4 September 2016

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Bath, UK, 16-18 February 2016
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Poland 18-20 January 2016

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Ireland 21st 23rd March 2016

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We are very pleased to be

organising this course in

collaboration with the  IGRO


Serbia Belgrade 11th -13th March


For details contact

Marina Mojovic



I started coaching a new exec today and deliberately used the A-N approach. The Depth Analysis session worked brilliantly. It was 90 mins of fantastic self-discovery for the client and 90 mins of living the dream for me!.....The feedback I got at the end of the session was incredible :)

Mark Nobbs Executive Coach


Thank you so much for helping me develop a much deeper and more satisfying approach to my coaching practice.

Caroline Taplin

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